My name is Jean-Marie Gilliot.

I am associate professor in a french engineering school named Télécom Bretagne, and one of the 4 designers of the 1st french MOOC ITyPA. As it will run in parallel with EdFuture, I am afraid not aving enough time to concentrate fully on Edfuture. But, as I really apreciate the subject, I will try to participate as best I can.

I absolutely agree on EdFuture pressure analysis. But I think that context is slghtly different in european countries and especially in France, where Higher Education is mainly public. And even in France, analysis of impact may vary between large universities, provincial universities, and small units like our engineering schools. That’s why I propose to french participants (and I know that I am not alone, as I already exchanged with some colleagues) to share analysis, ideas and readings.

We’ll obviously share with other participants in english. But as you already noticed, it won’t be the easiest challenge 🙂